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Winter 2019-2020




Haddenham Community Land Trust is calling for applications to be considered for affordable housing at Ovins Rise. Initially we were looking for people to register their interest by 30 November 2019. Applicants can be anyone with a connection to Haddenham or Aldreth  who wants to rent a home (or to buy one on shared ownership terms). As this date has now passed all applications (new and older ones) will be assessed to decide those who can be offered one of the first homes to be finished in early 2021. (People can still apply after 30 November, but they will be considered for homes being finished in a later phase.)


1, 2 and 3 bed homes available for shared ownership or rent


The form is available to download from our website.

The Allocations Process for CLT housing will begin during 2020. If you have previously filled in a form, the CLT will contact you independently to ensure the details we have are up-to-date.




For detailed progress reports on the Ovins Rise Development see the Ovins Rise tab. Ovins Rise Development


For a timeline of events since the founding of HCLT see HCLT Home tab - Timeline.

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