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The Haddenham Community Land Trust will allow the Community to control and benefit from future developments required to support growth in our Village(s). Find out more about us and how you can become involved in the ABOUT US and MEMBERSHIP areas of this website


Latest New 9th February 2018


The Trustees are delighted to say that on Wednesday February 7th, planning permission was granted for our West End site. This is the culmination of two years of effort and has only been made possible  due to the hard work of the Trustees  and our partners Palace Green Homes together with the  support of CLT East, the Parish Council and our members. The supportive words of the planning committee were evidence of how much we have achieved in a relatively short timescale compared with other similar organisations.


This is a great result for our village and as the years go by I’m sure they will increasingly realise what an opportunity this is for the village and its young families in particular. HCLT as well as bringing much needed housing for local people we will over time bring substantial funds for investment in further infrastructure projects within the village with decisions resting within the local community.


So one phase is complete and now another starts. Whilst bricks and mortar are a while away the Trustees will continue with the task of developing the site and preparing for our for our houses and their occupants hopefully phasing in from the middle of 2019


One of our first tasks will be to come up with a name for the new development (which we hope will be reflective of the history of Haddenham). If you have any ideas please let us know before our next trustee meeting on 26th Feb.


There will be some PR happening on the development soon and we will of course continue to keep you informed via emails and the website as the project develops



Please join us - The trust now has 100 Members which is great at this stage in our development but we still needs more. Members help shape our future and ensure this development (and any others  planned by the CLT in the future) are representative of their ideas for development of our village. Remember, your CLT works with it's Members and the Residents FOR the village. Any Profits from the schemes we do ultimately directly benefit the village. This is unlike other speculative developments where profits go to the company and their shareholders.
Please support this vital opportunity and and join as a Member to be involved in our future.

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