Haddenham Community Land Trust (HCLT) is a Community Charity Owned and Managed by Local People to create


Affordable Housing for Local People



The Haddenham Community Land Trust will allow the Community to control and benefit from future developments required to support growth in our Village(s). Find out more about us and how you can become involved in the ABOUT US and MEMBERSHIP areas of this website


Haddenham Community Land Trust held it's Second Public Consultation Meeting on Monday 8th May at the Arkenstall Centre, Station Road, Haddenham.


88 people attended the event (43 Members and 45 non Members). It is clear from feedback that people widely support the CLT in intentions to lead Community driven development in our village and provide Affordable Housing specifically for local people. The feedback on the enhancements to the West End development following the initial consultation is extremely positive. Membership of HCLT is increasing and is now nearly 100.


For full analysis of feedback see the West End Development tab


The West End scheme will now be subject to further refinement and detailed design and the Planning Application will be submitted later this year



The trust now has nearly 100 Members which is great at this stage in our development but we still needs more. Members help shape our future and ensure this development (and any others  planned by the CLT in the future) are representative of their ideas for development of our village. Remember, your CLT works with it's Members and the Residents FOR the village. Any Profits from the schemes we do ultimately directly benefit the village. This is unlike other speculative developments where profits go to the company and their shareholders.
Please support this vital opportunity and and join as a Member to be involved in our future.

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