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The Haddenham Community Land Trust will allow the Community to control and benefit from future developments required to support growth in our Village(s). Find out more about us and how you can become involved in the ABOUT US and MEMBERSHIP areas of this website


Latest New 28th August 2018


Following approval of the Planning Application much work has been carried out by our development partner Palace Green Homes in preparation for commencement of building.

This includes satisfying conditions of the approval, Section 106 approval etc and other issues such as selecting contractors and archaeology. The initial archaeological work on site found some evidence of a iron age homestead and the County Council has requested further work to be done  which is currently about to start and is expected to take around 6 weeks. If any substantial finds are made we hope to arrange an open day for all to see.

This work has obviously had some effect on the construction start date but it is still hoped that building of the access and site roads will commence in the autumn and we are still expecting our first houses to be available for occupation by our tenants by mid 2019.

The Trustees have also been busy with financial planning for the purchase of the affordable houses and their future management, which will require HCLT to take on a mortgage of around £1.8m. This is a large commitment by HCLT but will be good news for the village in the long term as once this is finally paid off the affordable homes will give us equity of around £3m (cf £4.5m full market rate). In addition we expect an increasing surplus of funds over the years which could enable other investments it the village and we hope to discuss other opportunities with members once this first development is complete.

We have also been developing Processes, Policies and Procedures for ongoing management of the completed site. This includes the detailed Application Form and Guidance notes which are now available on the website. We hope to be accepting applications before the end of 2018.


New on the Website


  1. Haddenham CLT Privacy Statement - please ensure you read this document as it details how we treat your data once you contact us

  2. Haddenham CLT Application for Housing, in preparation for next years housing release we have created an Application Form which can be downloaded, alternatively you can request a copy via letter or email through the contact us facility. This replaces the old Expression of interest form although we still retain records of those whom have submitted this form.

  3. Haddenham CLT Application for Housing Guidance Notes

  4. Haddenham CLT Allocation Policy – this document details how we prioritise applications once received.


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