Haddenham Community Land Trust (HCLT) is a Community Charity Owned and Managed by Local People to create


Affordable Housing for Local People



The Haddenham Community Land Trust will allow the Community to control and benefit from future developments required to support growth in our Village(s). Find out more about us and how you can become involved in the ABOUT US and MEMBERSHIP areas of this website


Latest New 31st October 2018


The have been some delays on the project  for some very interesting reasons. Read the full story under Latest News.

Two open days are being planned  to allow visits to the Arcchelogy excavations for

- Tuesday 6th November from 10am to 2pm

- Friday 9th November from 12.30 - 2.00pm

In addition classes fron the Robert Arkenstall school with be visiting Friday morning

Come along and learn about the history of the site

Click on the link below for further informtion

Palace Green Homes Notice of Open Days and Excavations


New on the Website


  1. Haddenham CLT Privacy Statement - please ensure you read this document as it details how we treat your data once you contact us

  2. Haddenham CLT Application for Housing, in preparation for next years housing release we have created an Application Form which can be downloaded, alternatively you can request a copy via letter or email through the contact us facility. This replaces the old Expression of interest form although we still retain records of those whom have submitted this form.

  3. Haddenham CLT Application for Housing Guidance Notes

  4. Haddenham CLT Allocation Policy – this document details how we prioritise applications once received.


Please support this vital project for the future of our village. If you want further information please contact us via the form on this website

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