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Haddenham CLT is a membership organisation, so we want as many local people as possible to get involved and have their say. It's your community and your chance to make a difference.


Why get involved as a Trustee or Community Member 


For a membership fee of only £1 you can have an influence over how your village could be developed and improved. It's your chance to decide what type of development is needed and make informed choices about the future. The more members we have, the more representative of the community we can be.


How you can make a difference


By joining HCLT you will become part of an organisation committed to : -


  • Community ownership of land and property assets

  • Respect for local needs and views of the whole community

  • Care for physical and natural environment

  • Enhancing a sense of community spirit

  • Nurturing skills, social links and economic opportunity

  • Acting with transparency, accountability and integrity

  • Encouraging local democracy, self reliance and social responsibility

And finally, ensuring that future wealth generated from growth in the area is focussed on improving our community, not controlled by others.


Will it take much of my time?


No, there are no obligations whatsoever. You will find a warm friendly welcome and, if you are interested there will be plenty of opportunities to contribute however you feel appropriate.


Do I need any Experience?


No, if you have lived here for years or new to the area, anyone over 18 can apply to join.


What do I do now?


Download the application form now or pick up a copy from the Library or at any of the public meetings.




We are located at:


Arkenstall Centre
c/o The Library,



Contact us today!

If you have any queries or wish to make an appointment, please contact us:


Or via our Contact us page


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