HCLT Ovins Rise Development

Project Overview: Ovins Rise originally called West End Gardens


The Ovins Rise project is an exciting collaboration with local property developer Palace Green Homes. The site has delivered 54 new properties, of which 19 will be HCLT-owned affordable homes reserved for local people living and/ or working in Haddenham or Aldreth.

The houses (both affordable and open market) are a mix of house types and styles designed by local architects Saunders Boston complementing the village and surrounding area. The affordable homes are evenly distributed (‘pepper-potted’) throughout the development, seamlessly integrating the affordable and privately-owned homes to create a balanced community. There is a central play space and plenty of green spaces with carefully designed and well thought out landscaping, enhancing the variety of plant and animal life from its previous use as an open arable field.

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Arkenstall Centre
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