HCLT Timeline of Activities

HCLT Timeline of activities 



15 September 2020 4th AGM

3rd AGM mnutes approved. Victoria Taylor and Virginia Grace elected Trustees. Amanada James resigned as trustee during the year and Mark Hugo thanked her for her contribution.

Site report- delays due to COVID lockdown has delayed the whole development but work re-commenced in May. A delivery schedule for the first phase of homes has been agreed starting in Decemeber 2020. Mortgage terms (Triodos Bank) and sales and loan agreement terms (Palace Green Homes) have been agreed subject to a few final amendments and will be signed in the next few months.

Allocations report- the number of applications for the 19 HCLT properties exceed supply. 5 prospective tennants of the 1 bedroom bungalows have been invited to have their details validated and the selection process for the 2 2 bedroom shared properties has begun.

The site will be named Ovins Rise, this has been agreed by ECDC. Ovin was St Etheldreda's steward and it is believed he spent a lot of time in Haddenham/Aldreth.

Finances- HCLT has depended on grant money from Homes England and the Parish Council to fund activities to date. Accounts do not require an audit under the HCLT constitution but are formally finalised and filed with the FCA and HMRC. 

10 September 2020 Trustee Meeting

Mortgage, sales and loan agreements discussed. House extras such as carpets and garden sheds discussed. Matters in respect of tennancies and tennancy agreements considered and progressed.

25 August 2020 Trustee Meeting

New trustee Virginia Grace co-opted. Site progress discussed. Mortgage, sales and loan agreement with Palace Green Homes discussed. AGM date set.

29 July 2020- Trustees visited site

Two one bed bungalows well advanced with roofing and floors complete and interiors progressing. A range of other properties in differing stages of build are well underway. Site drainage and pumping station complete.  

Mortgage application and negotiation process in progress.

18 May 2020- Work on site gradually recommenced.

25 March 2020- Work on site temporarily halted due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

17 February 2020- Trustee Meeting

Detailed discussions on allocations and mortgage application. Palace Green Homes update as per West End Gardens tab.

14 January 2020- Trustee Meeting

Reports back from 3 sub-commitees re Finance, Allocations, Specifications. Website updated. Mortgage application has gone for approval. Bank mandate signed for new signatories. Palace Green Homes update as per West End Gardens tab.


27 November 2019- Trustee Meeting

New Trustee Tor Taylor elected. Sub-commitees for Finance, Allocations and Building Specifications formed. Update from Palace Green Homes access road to West End site started, infrastructure and drains due to start. Mortgage apllication in progress with Charity Bank. Solictors Bruton Knowles selected. Report on webiste needing updating.

18 September 2019- Trustee Meeting

Update from Palace Green Homes groundworks due to start December 2019. HCLT homes should become available from Summer 2020. Ongoing discussions with mortgage provider Charity Bank. Draft Tennancy Agreements and Shared Ownership Agreements discused. Parish Council have indicated willingness to provide £5k grant to assist with the allocations process. Update on development will be drafted for October Village Voice. Website to be updated. Future clerking to be provided by Rachel Watts. Allocations process, financial model, housing management discussed.

11 June 2019- 3rd AGM

Trustees re-elected. Accounts approved. Update from Palace Green Homes as 14 May Trustee meeting.

14 May 2019- Trustee Meeting

New Trustee Amanda James elected. Update from Palace Green Homes- work on site unlikely to start until Summer/Autumn 2019 due to delays with planning and the archaeological survey. Updates on mortgage application, grant application. Allocations process discussed. Martha How to take over as Treasurer and Nick Abbey as Secretary.


31 October 2018- Report to Members

Extensive archaeological work ongoing on 1st century AD Romano British farmstead.2 public open days planned 6 and 9 November 2018 and the Robert Arkenstall Primary School visit on 9 November. Delay to build and review of existing applications due to archaeology. 

28 August 2018-Report to Members

Report to Members- work ongoing to satisfy conditions of planning approval, S106 approval, selecting contractors and archaeological survey. Initial archaeological survey found evidence of iron age homestead and ECDC requested further work. Site build therefore delayed. Trustees working on financial planning, processes and procedures for management.

8 May2018- 2nd AGM

2nd AGM- standard business accepting accounts, election of officers, update on West End Gardens (now named) development, build commencement date still not set.

7 February 2018-ECDC Planning Committee Meeting

ECDC Planning Committee granted planning permission for West End Development, planning committee very supportive, site to be named.

9 October 2017- Report to Members Planning Application Submitted 28 September 2017

Design finalised by Palace Green Homes, number of affordable homes increased from 16 to 19 (35% of the total of 54), consultation process to follow and Parish Council will be asked for input

25 September 2017- Trustees Meeting

Trustee Meeting- signed off planning application

8 May 2017- Public Meeting

-Public meeting- 88 attendees(43 Members,45 Non-Members),clear support for the HCLT concept to lead community driven development and provide affordable housing, feedback on enhancements to West End design positive, planning application will be submitted, Membership increasing to near 100.

20 April 2017- 1st AGM

-AGM- attended by 43 Members, update on West End re-design following feedback, concerns regarding access and other matters noted to be addressed.

7 December 2016- Public Meeting

-Consultation meeting- 150 attendees, good useful feedback received, 22 extra Members signed up.

14 November 2016-Trustee Meeting

-Trustee Meeting- discussed progress of design work and ideas for house styles from architects Saunders Boston. Arranged public drop-in consultation session for 7 December to discuss project.

14 July 2016- Notice to Members

-Notice to Members explaining – in the end only 2 sites were offered, West End site preferred site, Palace Green Homes to carry out initial design and submit planning pre-application to East Cambs District Council, no commitment to buy at this stage, 40 Members at this stage.

12 June 2016- Members Meeting

-HCLT meeting with 31 Members,4 plots of land discussed.

8 June2016- Statutory Registration

-Haddenham Community Land Trust registered with Financial Conduct Authority as a Community Benefit Society- Registration Number 7344

15 March 2016- Public Meeting

-First public meeting to discuss Haddenham Community Land Trust aims and objectives.

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