For more detailed information in respect of Ovins Rise (site name West End Gardens) see the Ovins Rise tab.





West End Gardens- renamed Ovins Rise


  • Planning permission granted 2018
  • Archaeological survey and subsequent dig 2018-mid 2019
  • Work on enabling works started August 2019
  • Work on drainage and access roads October/November 2019
  • Deadline for first tranche of applications 30 November approx. 40 applications received
  • First 4 plots set out January 2020
  • Excavated and concreted foundations for first 12 plots February 2020
  • First 4 plots flooring and drainage installed March 2020
  • Site closed and secured due to COVID crisis March 2020
  • Site gradually re-opened and building work continued late May 2020
  • July 2020 substantial site development underway. First HCLT properties one bed bungalows well advanced.
  • January 2021 first tenants moved in to one bedroomed bungalows
  • July 2021 phase 1 complete- 11 properties in CLT ownership- 9 rented and 2 shared ownership





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