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9th October 2017

Planning Application Submitted


 It seems a long time since our last communication and the flurry of activity around our AGM in April and the second Public Consultation in May.

However, during this period a huge amount of work has been carried out by our partners Palace Green Homes and the Architects preparing the many documents required for the Planning Application. The trustees are extremely pleased with the final design and the very clear community benefits it provides

We are delighted to tell you that, after a financial review, the West End project will now include 19 affordable homes for HCLT rather than the 16 quoted at the earlier consultation.

Affordable houses for local people and families are now 35% of the total and this is now well above the required minimum for purely commercial developments. This is really great news for the people of Haddenham & Aldreth and further justifies the formation of the CLT and greatly improves its ability to deliver huge benefits to our villages and residents in the future.

The CLT Trustees signed off the planning application documentation at their meeting last Monday (25th September) and our application was submitted Thursday 28th September. We hope that approval will be granted by Christmas. As part of the consultation that now follows, Haddenham Parish Council will be asked for their input. HPC will therefore hold a public meeting to discuss these plans and we would request that if possible you continue your support for HCLT by attending that meeting and showing support when announced.

We have posted the layout and design of houses on our website. Obviously, as with any planning application, details of materials/colours etc will be subject to approval by East Cambs DC and the final approved design may vary slightly from those presented. We have not included the many other supporting documents as these will become available on the East Cambs Planning Portal.

We would hope, as a member, you will be able to submit your own personal comments to the portal supporting the application and its benefits to our village. This would greatly assist the success of our application.

We will continue to keep you informed of progress and if we achieve planning permission in the coming weeks we should be delivering our first houses in 2019 !

The Trustees

Haddenham CLT


4th June 2016


Analysis of feedback from the latest Consultation shows that support for the West End site has much increased as a result of the significant changes made to the site in response to feedback from the intitial Consultation in December


For further details see full report under the West End Development tab



8th May 2016


Haddenham Community Land Trust held it's Second Public Consultation Meeting on Monday 8th May at the Arkenstall Centre, Station Road, Haddenham.


88 people attended the event (43 Members and 45 non Members). It is clear from feedback that people widely support the CLT in intentions to lead Community driven development in our village and provide Affordable Housing specifically for local people. The feedback on the enhancements to the West End development following feedback from the initial consultation is extremely positive. Membership of HCLT is increasing and is now nearly 100.


The West End scheme will now be subject to further refinement and detailed design and the Planning Application will be submitted later this year



20th April 2016


The Haddenham CLT AGM was attended by 43 members with an update on the redesign of the West End Site following Feedback from the initial Consultation in December which was favourably received. A number of concerns regarding access and other detail were taken on board and will be addressed in the subsequent Public Consultation in May 




23rd December 2016


West End section updated to inclue Questions and Answers and Analysis of feedback from Consultation day


Consultation day Wednesday 7th December


The consultation day was a great success with around 150 people attending. We received some very good feedback and are currently collating this for presentation and and discussion with Members at a meeting planned for the New Year. We signed up another 22 members at the event but we still need more to ensure this project in representative of the views of residents


Trustee Meeting 14th November 2016


Trustees discussed the progress made by Palace Green Homes and their Architects Saunders Boston on the Preferred Site. The Architects have studied Haddenham Architecture and produced ideas for the style of housing along 4 or 5 themes. The Trustees have arranged a Drop in Consultation Session at the Arkenstall on Wednesday 7th December 4.00 pm - 8.00pm where current progress ( Exhibition Boards and 3D site model ideas will be available for the Public and Members to provide feedback and own ideas before the Project progresses further. Please come along and support this important Meeting.


14th July Note to Members


Dear Member


Thank you for coming along to our public meeting in June and deciding to become part of the Haddenham  Community  Land Trust (HCLT). We currently have around 40 members and are actively seeking more so please talk to your neighbours and friends in the village.

Since that meeting we have held our first official meeting of the Trustees and made good progress. The main outcome of the meeting was the selection of our preferred site in the village which is the site off West End that was shown at the public meeting.

We were only offered 2 sites by local landowners and although it is not too late for others to come forward we decided to ask our development partners, Palace Green Homes, to move forward with some initial design work and then submit the site to ECDC for a planning pre-application. This is not in any way a commitment to build or even purchase the site but does give us some idea of the suitability of the site and throw up any major issues. We still have the alternative site that was offered down Bury Lane which we hold in reserve for the moment.

We expect this pre-application phase to be completed in the next few weeks and we then intend to hold a further public consultation meeting focused on this site and listen to your views about our proposal before we take the next step.

If you find others who wish to join HCLT please ask them to contact Jenny Manning, Clerk of the Parish Council, on 01353 749919.


You will be hearing from us again soon.


Haddenham Community Land Trust Trustees



12th June 2016


Haddenham CLT held a succesful first meeting with 31 members signing as members of the CLT to help shape the future of development in Haddenham and Aldreth. We have had 4 plots of land offered for delvelopment and will shortly be holding a meeting to consider the suitability of these sites. If you were unable to make the meeting and want to become a member to influence development in the villages, application forms are available at the Library. It only cost a £1 to join the CLT and every member has a 1 vote irrespective of how many shares they own. Further information is available on the Application form or alternatively contact us via the website form.


8th June 2016


Haddenham CLT has succesfully registered with the Financial Conduct Authority as a Community Benefit Society, registration number 7344


15th March 2016 -

Join us for the first Public Meeting of the Haddenham Community Trust betwee 14.00 - 16.00 at the Arkenstall Centre on Sunday 12th June. A chance to drop in meet the team and find out more. A copy of the agenda will be posted soon

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